Summer 2021 Week in Review #1

Camp Mah-Kee-NacJul 05, 2021

The Beginnings…

Gathering on The Hill for First Day of Camp

We had a wonderful first week at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac filled with old and new friends, fun adventures, some wild weather, and…an entire camp full of negative COVID tests (something we never expected to write about, but we couldn’t be more relieved)!
The first couple of days at camp were all about the “getting to know us” phase. Campers getting to know their cabins, their counselors, their bunk mates, their schedule, our beautiful campus on Stockbridge Bowl, and
what it means to be away from home. Happily, they quickly dove into all that is camp life.

Evening Huddle

We held our annual opening ceremony on night one, and even though we skipped a year of camp, the Summer 2019 champions were certainly not forgotten. Awards were distributed for that year’s winners, and all campers took the Mah-Kee-Nac Oath. We ended the night with a fun, welcome-to-camp dance party. There’s really no better way to make new friends and settle into a new place then to dance it out.

On the Lake, Beautiful Stockbridge Bowl

Diving In

As soon as every camper passed their swim test, regular programming began, and kids jumped into their activities (quite literally). Baseball, basketball, paddle boarding, archery, soccer, tubing, survival skills, rock climbing, zip lining, tennis, and more were all on rotation. And, of course, the campus favorite – Trampball was in full effect. If you’ve never seen it, Trampball is like volleyball meets four square meets a trampoline. Needless to say, it’s really fun and the kids absolutely love it.
The rain rolled in mid-week, so the staff got creative with rainy day activities. Board games, skit acting, dodgeball, cards, basketball and pizza parties kept the kids happy and entertained when the weather wouldn’t cooperate.


The Cup

Founder’s Cup, a beloved annual tradition, officially began on day five when each camper was “drafted” by team captains to a team – Lilly, Metzger, Rudolph, or Kruger. Throughout the first session of camp, these teams will compete in various activities. Every camper’s name was announced at breakfast and they were welcomed with open arms to their new team.

Founder’s Cup Banners

This week’s Founder’s Cup competition was a big relay race, which entailed each camper running a lap, then crawling through the legs of their standing teammates before the next runner could begin. The kids ran hard, laughed as they slipped in the rain, and, naturally, loved getting dirty in the mud! Team Rudolph was the big winner.

Evening activities were a rowdy mix of silliness, sport, and satire. One night, the lower camp got to dress up their counselors, make them answer questions on stage, then judge them based on their answers, charisma, and acting ability. One can imagine the giggles that took hold of the Lodge. The Upper Seniors had Casino Night – a yearly favorite. The boys dressed up, put on a “show”, then played classics like poker, blackjack, roulette, and Texas Hold’em. The bunk with the most collective chips won a day in Seneca Lounge (the hangout room for our oldest campers – a privilege the kids look forward to year after year).

Campus Time

Overall it was a wonderful first week at camp; everyone is overjoyed to be back at their summer home and our new guys are settling in beautifully. We are especially proud of our staff for bringing a constant positive energy and exuberant atmosphere to the MKN world.
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That’s all for now! More next week from your MKN Directors…


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