Summer 2021 Week in Review #2

Camp Mah-Kee-NacJul 12, 2021

Settling In To Camp

Our second week of camp started with one of everyone’s favorite events (or, as one camper said, “the best day of my life”) – the 4th of July Tough Mudder. The “Mudder”, a grueling 3.2 mile obstacle and running course includes challenges such as a fence crawl, a ropes course, a tire drag, a cinder block carry, a lake swim and more – all executed through very real, very slimy mud.

Every single camper completed this test of strength, resilience and endurance, and the pride on their faces was priceless. Our athletes were rewarded with an afternoon carnival and bounce house and a campfire, complete with a magic show and a singalong.

Escaping the Rain

We squeezed in as much regular programming as possible this week as we worked around the rain. Tennis, tubing, woodworking, survival skills, Trampball and more were able to proceed on our sunny mornings. Our intra-camp sports Leagues continued as well with football, soccer, and basketball.


One standout day was when we brought everyone together for a campus- wide game of LARP, or Live Action Role Play. The kids had to accept silly, themed challenges from counselors who were dressed up as fantasy characters. The whole thing culminated with a Battle Royale, whereby the boys used pool noodles and balls to either “duel” a challenger or throw them out (as they all ran around camp). Very soon, Mah-Kee-Nac turned into a field of mini armies using pool noodles (and tons of laughter) to win their battles.



When we couldn’t get a break from the rain one day, we did what most do when it rains – we went bowling. Everyone enjoyed the break from routine and a quick step into the “real world” (even though we’d rented out the whole bowling alley for ourselves). The potato chips and soft pretzels were a nice treat too

  The Cup

We continued our Founder’s Cup events with two games, “Find the Widget” – like a treasure hunt for tennis balls (team Lilley won), and “Rube Goldberg” – a challenge of stations, completed in groups of four. Team Rudolph was the big winner of that one.

Green & White Forever

One of the most exciting moments of the summer is always the Sorting Ceremony to kick-off to “Green and White” (our version of color war), when the kids find out what team they’ll be on. Each camper’s name is called, and they’re brought to a stage to their team of Senecas – painted head to toe in their color. They’re welcomed to their team with open arms and cheers. Once the teams were divided, we played three pre-games – “Watermelon is Squeezed,” the shoe toss, and cups. The official Green and White competition takes place the last week of our first session, so keep an eye out – it’s a camp institution!


Dance, Dance Revolution

We had lots of great evening activities with a variety of games, a movie or two, and, on one boisterous night, an all-camp dance party. Everyone showed their moves in the dining hall as we sprayed them with water. It was tons of fun. We also had a Friday Night Huddle (on Saturday, though, you know, because of the rain). This week’s theme was perseverance, which, after the year we’ve all had, is something everyone can understand! Each week gets better than the one before at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac; we can’t wait to share what’s to come.

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