Week in Review #1

Camp Mah-Kee-NacJun 30, 2019

Camp arrivals

Arriving at Camp

Week one at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac was a smashing success. Our campers settled into their bunks, immediately made new friends, got to know their counselors, and jumped right into activities.   Quite literally in the case of our lake swim test; when the kids swam a lap of the waterfront triangle and treaded water to prepare themselves for all the lakefront fun they’d take part in this summer!

All campers were now able to enjoy waterskiing, sailing, paddle boarding, and more. And of course, lots of play time on our Water Trampoline, Rockwall/Slide and this summer’s newest edition – The Rockit (basically a see-saw in the water, it’s a HUGE HIT!)

Lake play

Land and Lake

On land, the Mah-Kee-Nac boys engaged in activities like soccer, basketball, archery, tennis, crafts, and the camp favorite – Trampball (imagine four-square with volleyball nets on trampolines).   We also held our annual “Polar Bear Club”, where campers volunteer to jump in the lake at 7:30 a.m., then jump right out.  Quite a refreshing way to start the day!

Our Junior Camp, or TJCs – (going into 2nd-5th grade), created bunk pledges to live by.  Such promises included, “do everything with a smile”, “be kind and respect our bunk mates,” and “have fun for the next 49 days of camp with over 100 laughs.” Bunk 6 solidified their pledge under “Top Trumps and card games for all.”

Baseball Swing


Within the first few days, many of our summer camp traditions commenced, such as Founder’s Cup – our four-week, four-team tournament featuring both individual and team events.  Our eldest campers – the Senecas (going into tenth grade), are allowed to evaluate all campers, then draft their teams privately. At the end of first session, the winning team is awarded the coveted, “Founder’s Cup” trophy.

This week’s Founder’s Cup competitions included baseball, volleyball and flag football, as well as a large relay event that progressed from Hoolahoop-ing to piggy back-ing to a sprint for the finish! The kids truly love the exhilarating Founder’s Cup events, and take the tally quite seriously.

Founders Cup Begins

Color War

On the fourth night of camp, we conducted the thrilling “Green and White” sorting ceremony. During this energized event, all new campers and staff draw a flag from the ‘Sorting Hat,’ which turns out to be either green or white. Once decided, the boys’ new team for life welcomes them with enthusiastic cheers and hugs. Green and White (like Color War) is a 36-hour battle, that excitedly ‘breaks’ at a mystery time during the first session.

Color War Green and White

Our first intercamp tournament took place this week as our Cherokees (rising eight graders) fought hard in both baseball and basketball.  They had some wins and some losses and played with a lot of determination.  Our campers handled the loss with sportsmanship and respect, which is the biggest win in our book.



On a very different note, our older boys (Cheyenne + Upper Seniors) had their first social with Camp Danbee. It’s always fun to see new people and finally use the soap mom sent! The groups played games like “Minute to Win it” to get to know each other, while the Senecas had their own beach party. #CoolGuys.

Trip Day was tons of fun as always – Junior Camp went to Zoom Flume (New York’s largest water park), while Lower & Upper Seniors went to Six Flags.  Lots of junky food, laughs, and thrills for all campuses!

First Huddle campfire
Campers at a campfire during First Huddle

Huddle Up

We also held our first Friday Night huddle, where we pause to reflect on what we learned and achieved during the week. Each week we focus on one of MKN’s core values: Respect, Friendship, Shared Pride, Perseverance, and Leadership. This week we celebrated Respect and recognized campers and staff that demonstrate this value.

We couldn’t have asked for a better first week of camp and a better group of kids, happily embracing the overnight life! We have many exciting activities coming up next week, including the MKN Hat-Tric Tennis Tournment, Founder’s Cup, Tough Mudder and the Fourth of July Carnival. So much to look forward to!

That’s all for now! More next week from your MKN Directors…

All our best,


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