Week in Review #2

Camp Mah-Kee-NacJul 07, 2019

Kids running in a race
Stockbridge Marathon

Settling in to Sleepaway Camp

Another week at sleep-away Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, filled with personal growth, group achievements, and team competition.

Last Saturday was one of our favorite annual events – the Stockbridge Series Marathon! Open to everyone, campers and staff sign up for this 2.1-mile ‘marathon’ throughout campus. There are hills, tight turns, and long flats; it’s a challenging run.  The campers finish with such pride, and even surprise themselves with their performance.

Lake Swim

Swimming, Swimming…

We also held our first ¾ mile lake swim, where participants start at one end of the lake and swim back to camp. Early in the morning, in a cold lake, ¾ miles is not an easy swim.  Every camper who finishes gets a gold waterfront chip.

Boy Shooting Basketball


Sports tournaments continued in baseball, basketball, flag football, and lacrosse; both here at Mah-Kee-Nac and away at other camps. Each age group had a chance to compete and our teams are progressing tremendously; we can see great improvement just from last week to this one. And, as always, the boys displayed remarkable effort and sportsmanship.

         Founder’s Cup resumed with both traditional sports and not-so-traditional events like ping-pong, Kin Ball – a three-team game played with an enormous ball; and ultimate frisbee.  So far, all four teams are very close and it’s still anyone’s game.


4th of July

Fourth of July was a marvelous day. We celebrated America’s birthday with our own “Tough Mudder”. And let us tell you, these kids are TOUGH.  The challenging, 2.8-mile course involved running, battle ropes, sprinting up a slide, balancing on stacked benches, and more. Each bunk started and finished the course as a whole – it was a grueling, exhausting and exciting display of teamwork.

hockey players

That afternoon, our roller hockey participants played in a “Canada vs. USA” Hockey Game, which drew cheers and elation from the crowd. Team Canda came away with this year’s victory. Evening activity was our annual carnival offering a cookout, cotton candy, snow cones, churros, bounce houses, game booths, and fireworks by Tanglewood. It was classic, Americana fun!!

Huddle Up

On Friday Night, we held our second huddle, where we recognized campers who demonstrated the quality of friendship. We looked for kids who are particularly inclusive, who inquire about other people’s interests, and who are supportive listeners.

Another amazing week with a stellar group of boys fully embracing the overnight, sleepaway experience!

That’s all for now! More next week from your MKN Directors…

All our best,


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