Week in Review #3

Camp Mah-Kee-NacJul 14, 2019

Green & White All Teams

Green & White (Color War)

This week at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, our famed Green & White (Color War) broke out, and it was a 36-hour battle to the finish!

G&W Break!!

         The signal came on Monday night, when counselors circled the campus in golf carts spraying green and white smoke.  All campers then reported to the field house, where the oldest group – our Senecas, waved their respective colored flags and the team captains were announced with a little help from professional players from the Philadelphia Ultimate Frisbee Team!

The first official G&W competition this summer was a race fittingly called “Breakout”. Every team member had to run up the hill to the soccer field as fast as they could, making sure no camper fell behind. Teamwork at its finest! The team with the fastest completion time won. Once each team made it to the Upper Fields, the Senecas took the field to compete in an Ultimate Frisbee game with the Professional Players. Over the next 24-hours, the teams engaged in a variety of games including the Rope Race, T-Shirt Find, The Circle Sprint, Head to Head sports, Royal Rumble Dodgeball, Archery Tag (think paintball but with marshmallow arrows), and some more ‘untraditional’ contests such as karaoke, synchronized swimming, a fashion show, and the eminent counselor belly flop.

​The round-the-clock ‘combat’ came to a dramatic head with the evening Rope Burn event. The Senecas from each team had to build a fire large enough to burn a thick rope hanging seven feet in the air. After much hard work and two beautiful bonfires, the Green Team won by about ten seconds, and the victors got to paint the “Big Rock” green as they took home this year’s G&W trophy.

Happy Birthday MKN

In the midst of all this excitement, Mah-Kee-Nac also celebrated its 90thbirthday. We commemorated the occasion with a Green and White Cake Toss Event– where the coaches had to launch 10 cakes over the chimney for TJC, LSR and USR campers to catch.

Tournament Time

         We also saw great progress in tournament play this week.  Our rising 9th grade soccer team came in second place in a tournament we hosted, and our Rising 6th graders placed in the semifinals at an away baseball tourney.

On Trip Day, our TJC (Juniors), went to visit the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, which houses more than three hundred inductees and more than 40,000 square feet of basketball history. The LSR’s (Lower Seniors) ventured out to a trampoline park, funplex and laser tag, while the USR’s (Upper Seniors) played at Lake George, Airsoft and Paintball.

Visiting Day!

On Friday Night, little brothers or cousins of our current campers arrived at camp for sleepover in their brother’s/cousin’s bunk! These little guys got a dose of the overnight life, and no surprise, they absolutely loved it. That night, we held our third weekly huddle, this time celebrating shared pride.                            

Saturday was visiting day, which is such a special time for the campers to show their parents all the amazing activities they do at their home away from home.  From the waterfront to Tramp Ball to tennis and the dining hall, the boys take great pride in exhibiting all the new skills they’ve learned and introducing their family to the new friends they’ve made.  And any end-of-day frowns were immediately turned upside down with our legendary post-visiting-day shaving cream fight.

The camp also geared up for Mini Mak week, a rookie program designed to introduce and acclimate future campers to our beautiful Berkshires sleepaway camp. The Mini Mak Rookie program is offered to boys entering first through fifth grade.

Another amazing week with a stellar group of boys fully embracing the overnight experience!

That’s all for now! More next week from your MKN Directors…

All our best,


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