Week in Review #6

Camp Mah-Kee-NacAug 04, 2019

Top Chef

The Movies Take Mah-Kee-Nac

This week was all about travel, trips, and cinema-inspired games.

Bringing TV to life commenced early in the week with the Cherokees, who participated in a heated, “Top Chef” competition. The boys were split into two teams and given a variety of ingredients to work with from steak to bread crumbs.  They had 45 minutes to make a main dish, and 15 minutes to make their own ice cream.   No surprise, our Mah-Kee-Nac campers cooked to impress. Our head Chef Ozzy judged all dishes; evaluating for taste, texture, and presentation.  All of the campers did well, but one pair took home the prize. Sounds like some MKN families have new dinner cooks at home!

Hunger Games

Then came the film world, with Hunger Games, where the odds were ever in the campers’ favor.  Or not.   This competition involved the whole camp, and each age group entered the games at separate times. The “tributes” began the event inside of Hula hoops, where stepping out of bounds meant you were out. Then, they had to find weapons throughout the playing field in order to take out the other competitors (such as Nerf darts, Nerf guns and dodgeballs acting as grenades).  It was a dose of “summer camp meets Lord of the Flies”, and naturally, the boys LOVED it.

Trips & Travels

Meanwhile, our oldest campers – the Senecas, were still in California for most of the week, while our C.I.T.s, the Braves, were still in Hawaii. So, it was the turn of our next oldest campers – rising sixth graders and up (LSR and USR), to take their big overnights; a travel adventure they look forward to all summer.

The Algonquins headed out for a beautiful two-night trip to Maine. They explored Old Orchard Beach, Downtown Portland, and took a cruise about Peaks Island. They also entered the Get the Fudge Out Escape Roomand went “Sky-Diving and Surfing” at Sky Venture & Surfs Up New Hampshire.


The Cherokees went to Boston for two nights, where they toured Fenway and Boston Harbor, checked out Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall, visited theMuseum of Science and Newbury Street, and caught a showing of “Shear Madness” at Charles Playhouse Theatre.

The Cheyennes took a one-day overnight to Lake George, where they embarked on a White Water Rafting trip and a Minnie Ha-Ha Cruise, toured Lake George Village, played Around the World Mini Golf, and whooped it up at Great Escape Fun Park.

The Navajos also had a one-day overnight to Cooperstown, where they visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Cooperstown Bat Company. They also explored through Howe Caverns, and rode the slides atZoom Flume water park.


Meanwhile, the Juniors (TJC) held down the camp, and had their first social with Danbee. They enjoyed a pool party and ice cream with our sister camp.  When they returned to MKN, we once again brought the movies to life, with the breakout of Harry Potter Day! All the boys were sorted into four houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin) and spent the day submerged in Hogwarts fun! From wand crafting to Transfiguration class to potion making to a life-sized maze; and the big finale of a real-life Quidditch match, this day was filled with some serious Potterworld magic.

Friday Night Lights

Cinematic games continued when LSR entered a heated “Friday Night Lights” competition involving a flag football tournamen. Everyone was separated into 8 college teams, and the boys played a real tournament with brackets.  The finals were between Michigan vs Wisconsin, and Michigan took the trophy! Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose…GO BLUE!

The week ended with our Saturday night huddle followed by a surprise Olympics “psych-out”. Campers were escorted to upper field by a white, MKN pickup truck, where huge Olympic banners were displayed. The Olympic coaches and the teams they represented (various countries from around the world) were announced. But, this was not the big breakout the kids have been waiting for…it was a fake out! Stay tuned for more…

There’s a touch of sadness as we approach the last week of summer camp, but we are all going to make the absolute most of our final days together at MKN this summer!

That’s all for now. More next week from your MKN Directors…

All our best,


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