Week in Review #4, 2022

Camp Mah-Kee-NacJul 24, 2022

Week in Review, Week Four  – Summer, 2022

Week four at MKN was filled with joyful competition, tournament and league conclusions, and lots of emotions.

The week began with visiting day, and we sure were excited to welcome our amazing parents to camp! The campers got to walk their loved ones around our beautiful campus, show them all of the activities they’ve been doing, and let the parents give it a go. From Tramp Ball to ropes course to tennis, moms and dads and siblings got to experience a few hours of the MKN life. It was a fun day for everyone, and we’re so glad we were able to make it happen, thanks to the cooperation of our families!

Visiting day was immediately followed by our annual shaving cream fight, which the whole camp loves. Later that night, we had our Founder’s Cup finale. Four weeks of competition came down to this finale. Events included a football game, a basketball game, ultimate frisbee, tennis, soccer, a TJC sprint, and more. After everything was hard-fought, tallied, and concluded; our big winner was Lilley. This is the first time Team Lilley has won Founder’s Cup! 

Later in the week, we brought our Stockbridge series to a close. The Stockbridge began with a 2.6-mile marathon. From there, we held three other competitions: Watermelon (a campy version of wall ball), Tramp Ball, and disc golf (frisbee golf). These are all-camp tournaments, so the older kids obviously have a leg-up, but the younger kids who are able to hang in for a long time get major bragging rights. And they all work towards bettering their performances each year. At the end of it all, we had one big winner – a camper who worked hard and performed at every one of the events.  Congrats Nolan N!

We also had another great week of trips to places like the Basketball Hall of Fame, Lake Compounce, whitewater rafting and Berkshires East park.

The last night of the week was our annual Camp Sing.  Each Division (the year of their age group) got together and wrote a song about their weeks at camp, set to a current hit. From “Party in the USA” to “New York, New York” to “Industry Baby;” the tunes were playing while the kids were singing. Themes included camp food (naturally), playing at the lake, being “the best,” bunk at camp, poking fun at their counselors, evening snack (a valuable commodity – often the prize for competition between campers), and more. Camp Sing is always full of laughs and memories. 

The week closed out with bittersweet emotions – we said goodbye to our first session/four-weekers, and hello to our second session campers and Mini-Maks.  We’ll miss all of the boys we said goodbye to and are excited to welcome some new, smiling faces! 

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