Week in Review #5 2023

Camp Mah-Kee-NacAug 03, 2023

  Week five was filled with activities, travel, and beautiful weather. Our Session Two campers settled in right away and quickly learned the MKN ropes!

The beginning of the week actually kicked off the end of an event, when we finally wrapped The Stockbridge Series. This competition was a cumulative contest with four events – the marathon, Disc Golf, Tramp Ball and a game we call Watermelon. As the series progressed, the rankings were posted for all to see.  We wrapped the whole thing with an extremely tight Tramp Ball tournament and a big Disc Golf derby, and then announced the big winner! 

We also continued with numerous tournaments against other camps around the Berkshires. From baseball to basketball to golf to football to roller hockey to rock climbing and even chess, our MKN competitors were very busy!


“Special Event Day” – a summer favorite – also took place mid-week. During this morning-to-night occurrence, each age group was given a theme and spent the day doing activities around that theme. USR had NCAA day, where they skipped into the future and lived life as athletes, competing for their colleges in Flag Football. 


LSR had Survivor Day, whereby they worked through team challenges and either gained immunity or were voted off.  Obstacles included an air raid, a rowing regatta, a treasure hunt, a memory game and more. Tribal meetings took place, and anyone who’d been voted off then had the power to choose the next steps. It all led up to a big Haka dance finale!  Meanwhile, TJC got out their brooms and Quidditch balls and flew to Hogwarts for Harry Potter Day.


Travel was a big theme of the week. Our three eldest tribes all went out on multi-day adventures that they looked forward to for years. Senecas started a road trip that will take them through Vermont, Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Syracuse and Cornell Universities. Algonquins, our next eldest group, headed out west for a big California tour. They went to LA where their trip will include a Dodgers game, a visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a tour of UCLA, a trip to Disneyland and seeing the US Surfing Open. Cheyenne’s begin their trip next week, so we’ll report back on that exciting journey! 

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